Video: Secret Street Sex is a YouTube Vid I need to explain better

Each of these tents that I ride by are potentially places used by adult services providers on the street to rendezvous with clients. Yes, regular guys, businessmen, guys you may know, enjoy the adventure and we veterans of Honolulu’s streets are not surprised by what happens and are used to being offered $20 to exit the premises for 20 minutes. I apologize for not clearly explaining what I was showing you. Once, a person might have thought—no way. In time the person my think—this will be “only quick,” The locations you see do not rival the Hilton for an intimate experience, but you can understand When I say that addiction, to drugs, sex, risk, etc.—makes the once inconceivable become just another ho-hum, barely noticeable blip on the radar.

I added the above explanation for Secret Street Sex B/C of YOUR Comments

Your comments really do shape content. One of my challenges in writing this blog is that at times I fail to understand what I know bc I have the entire story in my head and how what I know differs from what the reader knows. Sure I know what I mean but I give too little background info for my beloved readers to know what I mean. I thought I had explained that as I ride my bike through the tent city in Honolulu, I am also riding by rendezvous spots where everyday guys who pick adult services providers from the streets engage in taboo activities with men/women who stand on the street to offer their time in exchange for money. Many people drive by those tents that less fortunate individuals experiencing homelessness erect on or near sidewalks since parks are off limits. Most cannot imagine that their peers would consider having sex with “streetwalkers” in the first place, and in those ramshackle hovels, to boot!

“No way,”say they. “I don’t know any man who’d go into one of those “tents,” if that’s what you call them. Every guy I know would cross the street to keep from walking by those…people. If that’s what you call the homeless.

Someone who can’t picture anyone they know going into a street tent—for illicit sex. Sex with someone off the street who looks like a woman.

“Yes way,” I say. “They go all the way. Your married associates. Right on the sidewalk. In a homeless person’s makeshift tent. With someone you might call a street walker. Regular guys pay for the privilege of kneeling on the flattened, filthy cardboard. Not bc they want another woman but so they can be treated like a mistreated female. By a guy off the street corner who is dressed as a woman. And those everyday guys—they’ll be back. To those secret street sex locations”

Caroleena, who knows what ordinary people secretly desire—and do about the taboo world within this urban paradise.

There you have the explanation of what I wanted To show my readers as I rode through 10 cities on my bicycle. And at the end of the video you can see people who have evidently stolen a different bike of mine and I just gives you more of the flavor of this place, downtown/Chinatown were homeless and the people with homes interact in ways that people are not in the know never imagine. I write Because I like being in the know. One of the best things about being in the know is showing off your knowledge and I guess that’s what I’m doing here. Letting you know what’s happening although hidden in plain sight in this urban paradise we call Honolulu.

I hope that explanation helps explain the video.

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