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THE SHORT INTRO: Use your phone to visit https://expertescort2018.com or Hawaii Street Life, an intelligently witty look at the intimate experiences of people addicted to hard drugs and/or illicit sex in a place with fluid gender roles. These sufferers are pariahs if their addictions are public or fearfully live double lives if their secrets are compartmentalized. pursue their compulsions off the beaten tourist path, on the streets of Honolulu’s gritty downtown. Caroleena, the blogger, is qualified to tell these tales in words, videos and pix due to her early years of abuse, abandonment and privileges, her Harvard education and her decade at the turn of the 21st century spent addicted in urban paradise. Your assumptions will be pleasurably challenged while you indulge your craving for news about taboo secrets.

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Just before the year 2000, Caroleena was a young Woman who appeared to have overcome a difficult life. Her birth parents had met in a South Carolina psychiatric institution where they were both hospitalized with serious mental illnesses that never improved. She grew up in foster care because her mixed race ancestry led to both sides of her birth family refusing to take custody of her. In high school she had been an excellent student, but not an exceptional one, and students and staff were outspoken in their unanimous belief that affirmative action got her into the Ivy League, not her merits. Caroleena did not let the consuming cloud of suspicion cause her to miss the chance to flee her abusive home, though she internalized and personalized the political stuff. She accepted the controversial admission and endured the same taunting in college. Only when she graduated from Harvard with high honors (Magna cum laude) did she feel confident that she had been worthy of admission. The prestige did nothing to heal her orphan’s heart, a heart further wounded by finding her birth mother and original foster parents who revealed they had been offered the option of adopting her, but they turned it down to keep her volatile birth mother out of all of their lives but also because they were white, and permanently including Caroleena in their family would have meant taking on the burden of rabid racism—directed at them. It is unusual for a Harvard grad to get into hard drugs but for a person who had been abused and abandoned, drugs were a way to finally be a part of a group and forget about being an orphan. Halfway through her second year of teaching at a Manhattan private middle school, Caroleena met people in a bar who were smoking something out of a glass tube in the bathroom. Fascinated by this mysterious practice, she joined in and by the end of the school year she had lost her job and her place to live, due to an addiction she did not anticipate. Caroleena returned to Honolulu, Hawaii where she had studied during a summer in college, intending to make a new start. However, she took herself with her and ended up addicted and supporting her habit on the streets of downtown Honolulu, near Chinatown. Over the years she learned about addiction related life issues and how they impacted life. Incarceration for a possession charge took her off the streets. Upon release she started this blog to give an intellectually witty treatment to people in situations who society barely regards as human, in order to shift addiction paradigms, teach street wisdom as it applies to regular life, offer incarceration advice, and entertain with an intimate look at street life. The site expertescort2018.com is comprised of pictures, posts and videos that show snapshots of these often taboo experiences. Although the honest subject matter sometimes deals with sex, and is for mature audiences, it is not inappropriate and definitely not pornographic. The annual archive below offers thousands of posts since 2018. You, beloved reader, will soon find an opportunity to donate, the suggested amount being a one time contribution of $1. New Hawaii Street Life posts continue to be added almost daily. For your site navigation convenience, You will find the menu of specific posts at the top left of this page in two horizontal lines under the site title. With love and gratitude, Caroleena.

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