Bridgette Fonda, age 58, featured in Gossip mags, is used by media to promote youth worship and I am a sufferer

We are told to be ourselves but the catty article showing the difference between actress Bridgette Fonda (movie: Single White Female) tells society that our true selves are not ok. Have you ever seen one person lambasted for aging? I offer you news about Bridgette Fonda. Is it any wonder that women like me, who bought into every message about the impossible NEED to stay young and beautiful struggle with aging? I couldn’t stop the years. My beauty was never unanimously agreed upon anyway, but I couldn’t maintain what I had. I did the only thing I could do to appear as young as possible as long as possible: breast augmentation. I am bright and an Ivy League grad but unable to self vaccinate against the virus of youth worship. I continually succumb, then recover my confidence, in a constant cycle. I should know better than to believe the hype but dammit I want to live forever and I want to look good while I am doing it. Is that so wrong? Do you know the answer? I know the answer. And yet I don’t act or think like I know the answer is self acceptance. They say the first step in improving is admitting the truth and that is what I am doing here. I have no idea the second step to dealing successfully with aging. Maybe someone out there can help me in a comment.
How can I keep what little ephemeral youth I have? I can’t! It’s high time to get a great personality, lol!
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