An Evil-Intentioned COVID Carrier made me A Vaccination believer, Part II

I tried to help someone out from the streets. But I have found that it is impossible to help people out, not very often anyway, because the jealousy makes them want to take you down. People in Honolulu anyway, do not like to see anybody come up. And when I say come up I mean get an apartment, get a job, get a car, get a cat, get stability. If you are doing well they do not like it. They resent you, they come to hate you, and they try to get others to hate you; even worse they try to destroy you and your body and your Health. But in the process of someone trying to destroy me I learned something relevant to you and that is this: get vaccinated!

Crabs in a bucket–People off the streets in Honolulu try to pull each other down instead of lifting each other up or at the very least working together.

The above link was a story before yet Another loss of innocence, when I believed the original story., and the original story was that the lady did not know she had Covid when she hung out with me, and asked me for a ride, and asked to hang out in my place, and wanted to hug me several times. That was all a lie. She knew she had Covid all along. I had been lied to; she kind of tried to kill me in a way! The truth of the matter was, the woman knew she had Covid and I believe she purposely tried to infect me. How did I found find out? I was letting her stay in my place so she could watch my cat. I thought sorry for her with her breathing difficulties which I thought were because of her kidney failure and her terminal condition, so I let her stay in my place which was comfortable, while she was just moving into her disorganized place. But something in me told me just run the security camera. I might might seem to you, it turned out to the thing to do. I I heard on the phone. Yes I did this. And what was she saying? She was saying that she didn’t want to tell them at the methadone clinic that she had Covid, and not just any Covid, but a serious case of Covid, all in her lymph nodes. She was concerned that they would not want to give her her methadone dose. So there she was in my place after hugging me and being around my cat and being around me unnecessarily when she knew she was contagious.

Deadly jealousy is the motivation

And why do I think she did this? I believe it’s out of jealousy. Because the one thing she did say to me was and I “everyone our age who is on the street is sick by now except for you she had said with a smile. I thought she was just kind of kidding but really she was saying somethings she was very resentful of and she wanted to take me down. There is no way to joke about someone being healthy when you have a terminal case and you’re not yet 46 years old. I would’ve been her friend but now of course I can’t be any around anyone who thought they could just infect me and get away with it. And had I not been paranoid I would never have known I would’ve welcome back with open arms. Who knows what else she would’ve done?

The lesson for the person who is not off the streets, like you

Why should you care?? You should care because I got vaccinated. And I had someone who intentionally try to inflict me with a very serious case of Covid and I did not get sick. The only reason I got the vaccine in the first place was because I wanted to provide the scientist with data. I knew it had not been approved officially and I am no big believer in government intervention. But I also knew that they need a data. And I didn’t like what it said about me that I was ready for other people to take the risk while I wait it out to see if they got sick. No? I could serve my community by doing this. And I got a lot out of it because I have been fine.

A person with evil intentions, posed as my friend, and tried to infect me, but I was vaccinated. And I stayed healthy!

I come to you as a person who has trust issues and who is terribly paranoid and I say this: get vaccinated it worked for me! Get vaccinated, I repeat

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