Rogan’s use of racial slurs adds to pressure on Spotify—This Black Woman says “Keep Rogan!”

Rogan’s use of racial slurs adds to pressure on Spotify
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Does anyone remember:

the constitution? The Supreme Court decisions on free speech? Stop the censorship!

Speech should only be limited if the words present a clear and present danger to the listeners, something like yelling fire in a crowded theater. I don’t have to agree with what Joe Rogan says in fact it’s OK if I don’t agree with it. We are supposed to allow all points of view unless they become imminently dangerous. This means we could get hurt right now because of what someone is saying. It is not OK to censor someone because his words or offensive or because people do not agree. That is the nature of free speech. And what happens when the pendulum swings in the other direction and the people who call for diversity and acceptance are considered offensive and we get banned? How will you liberals feel when the term non-binary gender gets you kicked off an online platform? Don’t think it can’t happen because there are people who find that terribly offensive.

Removing someone from an online platform is today’s modern, high tech equivalent of book burning, And future generations will look at us with pity, the same way we look at the people who tried to stop thought by setting pages on fire.

People need to stop trying to control what others think and let the falsehoods and the truths show themselves or what they are within people’s minds.

When people say they want to see someone like Joe Rogan banned it’s the same as saying they don’t trust me to know what is right or true or good, and they must tell me how I need to think because I cannot do it for myself. I find that more offensive than any use of the N word

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