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Metacognition: what it is and why it matters.

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Metacognition is defined as thinking about your thinking. It could be considered the ultimate in naval staring or self-involvement. Or it could be considered the best way to get self-control and then be the person you want to be. Or both

The Best Book to Help You Think about Your Thinking is (drumroll please…)

Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer

When I was in jail with a lot of other drug addicts like me, one of the authors that sent books in as part of the prison ministry was Joyce Meyers ministries. I was really lucky to be introduced to her because her story is great no matter who you are or where you come from.

Think about what you are thinking about

If you are a Christian it’s great, but even if you’re not, the book is still great. Joyce Meyer grew up in a trailer park. Her father forced himself on her when she was still a child. Once, her mom walked in on them and turned around and walked out. No one spoke of the incident. She married to escape at age 17 and quickly ended up with a baby and a divorce before she was old enough to drink in this day and age. She rose to worldwide prominence and success in her field as a public speaker and author , but not until she did some major thought repair. Joyce teaches us how to think about what we are thinking about. She had the same belief that I had, which is that thoughts are not things that happened to me but something that I choose and can control. It really is a life-changing lesson–the knowledge that you decide your own mindset that your mindset isn’t outside of your control.. What really blows my mind is how she rebuked her own self and realized that she did not honor her mother and father. Now you might say the same thing that I said which is her mother and father did not exactly deserve honor. But the whole point of that particular commandment is not honor your mother and father if you feel they are worthy. It is, honor your mother and father so that you will live long, and it is the only commandment of the 10 that comes along with a promise if a person obeys it. She actually had to change her thinking about her father and give him honor. Now that’s what I call changing one’s mindset!

Do you want the same mental freedom that comes from controlling yourself in the most profound way? Imagine being able to let go of a grudge the way she could let go of that anger toward her parents! Read that book and then you can really begin thinking about your thinking or meta-cognition.

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