Audio/Video: Stop censoring people who say racist things—how else can we know their truth?

This woman says, “Stop censoring racists. Censorship is counterproductive, it allows racists to hide behind a false front, and censorship is unAmerican.”

Intro: Caroleena, is a twenty-something year-old mixed-race woman from Manhattan, and recent Harvard graduate residing in Honolulu, circa 2000, who goes from the rarified world of the ivy league, to the taboo lifestyle on Hawaii’s addiction driven streets. A perspective shaped from experiences both sides of the tracks, and at such extreme heights and depths, is only available here. If you read this blog, what’s in it for you? Plenty. You will see people who are represented as not fully human, in a new light and find surprising connections that will help you judge yourself with more kindness. You will learn wisdom from the streets that is applicable to the everyday lives of ordinary people. If nothing else, you will be thoroughly entertained by the intellectually witty presentation of a part of life that few people live full time, but that a surprisingly large number of people visit in secret with forbidden rendezvous’.

Description of vlog “Hawaii Street Life”

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