Amazing Content, how to use “tags” vs. using “categories” to find it

Navigating a site

When a blogger creates content to publish online using WordPress, there are options presented to the blogger. I, Caroleena, write something inspired by my life on the Honolulu streets. Before I publish the post WordPress gives me options to organize this post by placing it within a couple of virtual groups, categories and tags.


I choose a word or words that, in my opinion, represent(s) the general subject matter of the post. These general subjects are known as “categories.” The category is like the subject line in an email. When I choose a category, WordPress saves the choice forever. The next time I have content, I am presented with my previous choices in exactly the same way people using search engines are presented with their previous search terms. Logically, a site with focused content will use and reuse the same words for categories. WordPress has posts grouped by general subject matter as designated by the blogger. Subject matter grouping is an index. Look at this list and you will see some of the terms are preceded by an image of a file folder. Those are words the blogger has designated as categories. The blogger can see the number of posts she has written in this general category.

Pictogram of Categories and Tags

This list is not available to readers, only site administrators. What’s a time saving reader to do? You can search by category by typing the following phrase on your phone, anywhere you can write text. On the iPhone you can click on a link and you will automatically be directed to the link. To access links by category add this to text to the end of the main site address: /category/subject-matter/. As you see, you separate words by dashes. Let’s say you want the category escort answers on Hawaii Street Life. Hawaii Street life is the site title, but not the address. The main address is Therefore add/category/escort-answers/ to When you type this link you will automatically be taken to this page on the Hawaii Street Life site. If you type a link in messages your words will be converted to this picture:
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