Shrubbery serves as nursing homes for some of Honolulu’s senior citizens

An elderly homeless Woman gathers her belongings before heading out for the day. Shrubbery is only a nursing home in the sense that some elderly live there, because there is certainly a lack of care, Or nursing, when it comes to the elderly population in Honolulu if they don’t have money. Hedges or rows of tall bushes, such as the beginning of the one pictured here, often served as shelters for those without permanent residences. Many times Honolulu merchants and managers and landlords have to cut down bushes because homeless will make their encampments there because of the natural shade and storage area for stuff. It is important to note that not every homeless person lives in the bushes. I am just telling you what some people do in Honolulu. It is different being homeless in a place that never gets cold compared to a place like Minnesota, For example.

If the manager of the property or the owner of the property does not want the woman there, they can call the police and have her officially what they call trespassed. That means they take her picture and she cannot come back for one year. If she returns to the site, and the owner or manager calls the police, and the police find her there and match her person to her picture she will be arrested for trespassing. She will Stay overnight in the dungeon known as cell Block until morning Court where she will probably be released, but she might be held for a little while and spend a day or two in jail. Jail Is the Oahu community correctional Center, pronounced oh triple C, OCCC. The coronavirus cut back on the number of arrests for petty stuff like this. But it still happens. Some people are threats to the public I need to be “trespassed” but other people just need a place to go. This woman was sorting through her stolen items so I guess the public opinion of her could go either way.

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