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Stories about life on the streets of Honolulu as told to and told by a Harvard grad who went from Ivy League elite to Hawaii’s addiction driven streets and is no telling all. You won’t find these stories of the hidden and forbidden in any tourist guide because these tales in the form of words, audio and video are about the permanent residents of Honolulu, not the people who come and go. If you want a humanizing perspective about people who live in a way that makes normies disregard their humanity, without ever considering what we all have in common, I invite you into this blog where you can visit but you do not have to stay.

Chronologically Ordered Posts

I have always wanted to present my readers with the option of choosing the month and year for posts they might want to read. For example, this site came into being at the very end of 2017 when the author, Caroleena, wanted to write about her experiences with addiction on the streets of downtown Honolulu, a world away from tourism-driven Waikiki. Downtown Honolulu, which includes Chinatown, was not tourism driven in the year 2000 when Caroleena was “out there” but addiction-driven. The earliest posts were right on point. As the blog continued over the years, Caroleena started writing about subjects that were not exactly on point, but related to addiction, and Honolulu, so there was a broader range of topics. Since 2018 the most successful months with the most viewers of the blog have been November and December for each year from 2018-2021. I wanted to give readers a chance to look at posts based upon when they were published online. Now–at last! Here is a calendar that allows readers to see when posts were published over the history of the blog. This tool is so awesome, and I am proud to offer my beloved readers a way to access posts based upon chronology that is so specific they can choose what day they’d like to see. Was there a publication on, let’s say– your 47th birthday–find out with this calendar. Enjoy!

February 2022
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