Big Business loves prisoners bc prisoners are profitable

People say they don’t want crime but they do

It would be more accurate to say people, like big businesses, love punishment. When you know people who live a life of drugs, or addiction to things that are illegal—like hiring a sex worker (in America), or stealing to support their habits, incarceration becomes a part of your life. You get locked up or p People you know get locked up, or people you care about have family members who are incarcerated. There is no escaping incarceration when you have an addiction. And that is how incarceration and all related matters become a part of downtown life in Honolulu. I became interested in why we have so many people incarcerated in this country.

We, U.S. citizens, are not so much anti crime, as we are pro-profit

We have so many people in prison in this country bc there’s a huge underground economy that people only discover when they get involved with incarceration, one way or another. Here’s one thing people do not have reason to ponder: how do people in prison get stuff. You might reasonably think the government provides everything but it’s ver minimal. A toothbrush at looses bristles as you brush your teeth. The so called “indigent” supplies is what they are called in Hawaii. The cheap little bats of soap and mini toothpaste. The same plastic comb school kids are given on picture day. A towel, washcloth, rubber slippers, scrubs similar to what nurses wear. I guess that’s all you really need. But who
Lives like that anywhere. If you want better soap, like Dove, you have to buy it from the commissary, or “store.” Those companies that make products like Dove soap have a captive market and they hike the prices way up. I can’t find the figures on how much publicly traded companies make annually from their inmate customers. The companies do not want us to know that the so called war on drugs is a way to divert the public’s money to them by selling the public (who are inmates or love inmates) super overpriced consumer goods. I’m goin to attempt to link an ad that one such company texted me offering me the chance to buy phone time for my beloved inmate. I’d you’ve never been involved with “the system” you’d never know that there are billionaires directly benefitting from incarceration. No wonder the government itself introduced OxyContin and approve the sale of Sudafed, which is used to make meth. They are all in on it—business and government. Drugs will stay illegal and homelessness will remain a crime. For their sake.

Here is a text I received from a company that sells some sort of communication service with inmates. How they knew I had a friend in Federal prison I will never know. In the past inmates had to call collect and cell phones don’t take collect calls. Now there are services that bridge this gap. And that’s only one way business profits from inmates who buy soap, snacks, stamps, sweatshirts…people don’t want to lose that business.

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