How To Keep Private pix Private: must-see Phone-Personal-Pic Hacks!

Life Hacks: photo hacks. How to keep people out of your private pictures. We have seen it happen. We hand somewne our phone so that they may look at one, only one, picture. And before we know that they have scrolled either to the left or the right, and with one swipe they are seeing pictures they are not supposed to see. How rude it is for someone to just go into your pictures without you saying it was OK. People would probably just find their actions by saying, well you handed me the phone and you knew the picture pictures were available without any effort. Here’s how to make your pictures unavailable, to make it an effort for others to see your pictures: what you must do is number one make your picture bigger. By pinching your pictures so that you zoom in and cause the picture to be larger it is impossible to simply swipe left or right to get to the next picture. A person must pinch the picture back down to its normal size in order to move to the next picture. That is one way to keep people out of your next picture. A second way to keep people out of your picture is to go to edit mode. Once you go to edit mode, don’t edit your picture—simply hand the person your phone. In order to go to the next picture of the person must close out edit mode with or without editing your picture. Both of these things require effort: either making the picture larger or smaller or getting out of edit mode. No one can claim that they were invited to see all of your pictures without any effort by you simply handing them the phone. It is clear that you put a block in their way and they will be unable to sneakily swipe right to get into your business.

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