What HE says in a voicemail full of subtle put downs–anonymous and genuine

He acts like he is hip and accepting, but listen carefully

He calls an old associate he used to see during the downtown days, years ago. He, evidently, cannot get her out of his mind. He resents her uninvited mental presence, that much is clear. Why else would he be so mean to someone he professes to miss. He does not want to miss her. He does not want to want her. He “knows” he is better than her, and it drives him crazy that she should have such a hold over his thinking. He tries to convince and reconvince himself that she is nothing, by saying so out loud. To her. Interestingly, he does the very common practice of attempting to get the person he is insulting to agree with him that she is worthless. It is not enough for him to profess it. It’s almost as if she must endorse how he thinks and feels, and there’s that frustrating paradox again! This inferior being matters to him on so many levels because he does not just want her time, and her attention. He wants her mindset. Yet she does not give in. She maintains her independence from the man who wants to be with her, on his terms, as long as no one knows–that’s for sure. By the way, he does not mind if this much younger woman is seen with him. He considers her very good-looking and she makes him look good while she is at it. You may not sense his pride in how her appearance reflects upon him, or so he thinks, from the voicemail below, but it is being shared with you to give you a bit of relationship context. What is this so-called “relationship”? Listen to the voicemail and weigh in yourself in the comments. Please remember to press “like,” and become a follower! The author is forever grateful that you are spending your minutes with her because none of us has forever. Your time is more than a gift. It is an honor.

Voicemail–he wants her time, she wants his money. They haven’t seen each other for a while. Here’s how he tries to woo her:

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