Be cautious when opening your Honolulu home to take someone off the street

We want to give back but envy prevents charity

In Honolulu Hawaii it is quite common for someone on the street to attempt to bring someone back to the street if they made it into housing Seems like cutting off But there are times that people on the street want to get into Housing. But they don’t want it to charity. They want to feel like they Conde their way in. I guess it feels better for the pride. And this is the strategy I typically use:

People on the street due to addictions and/or inability to follow tiles snd get along with people are often looking for weak willed people with apartments. They want to gain entrè by offering drugs or, much less often, sex. (Hustlers do not want to be hounded for sex where they live.). If they can get a person to hold the possessions they are toting around in a large backpack, they have an excuse to visit. There’s a couple of things they seek to accomplish. They want to make the person who has what they want feel obligated to continue letting them in. They will try being nice, acting like a bully, showing themselves as pitiful, or cleaning. Whatever it takes to get a key snd in the best case scenario they get added to the lease. And they want to convince the person anyone else there needs to go. They will ruthlessly badmouth existing friends to convince the target these people do not care and they’ll claim they are intuitive to the point of being a bit psychic. They can “tell” the person is not truly supportive… Not everyone on the street is a predator but human nature mss as he’s the have-nots want to take from the haves. Be careful being charitable.

People hate accepting charity. They will decline a kind offer, then steal the same thing they turned down, unless they can trick the person into parting with something. Better to be a predator than a charity case. Or so it seems.

Caroleena, offering caution when helping those less fortunate bc they often want you to lose your fortune—either to them or whoever. As long as you have nothing more than them, they are ok. Speaking generally and not of everyone, of course.
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