Most popular hashtags, or “tags” on the blog Hawaii Street life. A hashtag is the subject of the post. There can be more than one tag, in fact there always are multiple tags bc search engines (somehow) use the tags to match would-be readers searching for a Particular subject with your writing. You need tags to improve your ranking for people who don’t yet know you snd find You’re writing in a search. However that is not for you dear reader because you are here at the block so you evidently know my writing. The hashtags help you find the subject within the blog.. Advice: if you want to go directly to a subject on this blog use your text messaging. You will send a text to your own number with the basic site address, the tag notation, and the particular subject. So, if you want Hawaii posts type Add backslash tag backslash, to show you’re looking by tag: Finally you’ll add your subject of choice, let’s say it is advice: Now that you’ve typed that send the message to yourself. It will arrive converted into the site logo and it will be a nice pic. You click on it and you’ll go directly to the posts that have the tag “advice” attached. Look through the tags pictured above in this post and use the format I just gave you to find subjects in your blog of choice I’m using

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