The one thing that’s better in prison than anywhere else

There is one thing that is better in prison than anywhere else. Food. I don’t know about other prisons in the United States but there were frequent special events that inmates could invite their family members to attend here on Oahu, the main island of the archipelago state of Hawaii. I never imagined there’d be events in prison, like plays, group or solo dance performances, graduation from a substance abuse treatment program, things like these. Inmates could invite family and friends who were pre-approved as visitors. The recreation department had a budget to buy outside food and that’s how inmates were able to eat their favorite foods. The population was only like 300 or so women snd everyone knew everyone, including staff. There were plenty of conversation opportunities to make requests of the civilian staff who headed the recreation department, since staff and inmates were not physically separated in non-living quarters like the recreation field. Oreos are just Oreos in the free world. But they are divine when you get to eat them as an inmate. When inmates returned to housing the other women would ask “what did you eat,” and full details would be shared. People weren’t jealous. It was more like living vicariously. When you imagine getting out and eating whatever you want, it’s amazing to find the fantasy doesn’t live up to its potential. Getting out of prison doesn’t disappoint, overall. But food never tastes as good as it does when it’s a special treat for the incarcerated

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