At Peace With Yourself! It is hard to be at peace with yourself when you are on the street.

I always assumed that peace with something other people had and I was the only one who did not. Now I have discovered that I am not so terminally unique after all that everyone struggles with peace even the people I assumed had no other ambition then to be right where they were no matter how low it appeared to me that they were amazing to me that they are those who look at me and think doesn’t she want more for herself, and thoughts like that leave me with no peace but I leave you to contemplate the issues of peace and happiness with oneself as you read my response to this popular WordPress article

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

At Peace With Yourself!
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People on the street always seemed at peace, to me. They looked like they were born for that sort of life , like they never wanted anything more. When I joined the lifestyle and met people who were off track I found that they were very torn. They were upset about regarding themselves as losers. They wanted to participate in society. But it is very difficult to live as a normal person once you’ve lost everything. If you’re on the street all your stuff will be stolen or what’s more likely is that all your stuff will be thrown away in a police sweep. Then you’ve lost your identification. You can’t get a new id if you have even a small warrant for, say, trespassing. How are you going to get the $300 to clear that up. You can’t get a…

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