Site Navigation Hacks for Non-Techies: Using Tags to Find Content

Are you a non-techie? Are you like me and learn how to Get around online by clicking on this and clicking on that and then you find yourself somewhere desirable only to find that you do not remember how you got there? Well my Blog is going to give you something in addition degree Contant I am going to help you find the Contant if you’re anything like me and technology is not your first nature here is an article that was surprisingly popular from my point of you and now I’m going to do more just like it so well you non-Takis out there welcome home!

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

We learned how to navigate to your favorite content by including a tag in the site address within the browser or search engine

Let’s review! Remember what we have to do? Take the basic site address and add: /tag/yourfavoritetopic/. You will go directly to a list of posts under that topic. Let me give you a for instance. If you wanted to access posts tagged with sex then you’d take basic site address, and add /tag/sex/ to give you:

You might have discovered there is a drawback to guessing what tags have been applied by the author

Sure, you want to read about sex in Red Light Hawaii. This author may have written about sex in Red Light Hawaii and posted this writing. But what if the author was new to blogging and did not know how to use tags properly. She might have neglected to add sex as…

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