A Potentially Traumatic Sexual Encounter I decided was Funny

We have absolute power over how we feel about a situation–in theory

Well meaning people who try to console people who have been terribly hurt give the advice that trauma is, in a way, in the mind if the sufferer. If you decide it was not so bad, then “it” was ok after all. No need to get bent out if shape about things like rape. You may not gave had the strength to overpower your attacker but you have unlimited strength when it comes to reevaluating your attacker as, the person who tried but failed to hurt you. Hmmm

I have never been good at repurposing pain, mentally. It seems to me that something happens in the brain prior to my voluntary processes that determines how I will vies a situation. Then it is like my conscious mind comes along after the determination has been made, by a part if my own mind (!), and I end up struggling against myself. I want to be able to decide “that was no big deal and I am cool with it.” But I am powerless over intrusive thoughts about anything–trauma, drug use, or other things I wish to get out if my head but cannot. However, here is a link to a story of sex worker trauma that I managed to deal with, though not to the extent of flipping the mental switch to

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