Labels like “W***e” stay with a person forever

You can fall from grace, going down, but you can never float up to grace. Stays is a one way trip in some areas. Any label that indicates a person is a failure, that is how that person will forever be remembered. Maybe people like having a personally acceptable excuse to treat someone badly bc that person deserves it and not bc there’s evil in their hearts. Long ago I casually used the term “hooker” in my blog, with no thought whatsoever of accuracy or repercussions. Yes, I still had innocence in 2017. My only interest was in finding words that rhymed with the last syllable. For real!

It has been quite educational to see the change in attitude of people who knew me, then found my blog. I had no idea I would need to keep my writing secret or my life would be more difficult than if I had been anonymous, for real. Yet I cannot imagine silence. Without my writing I truly would have no one to talk to bc you know what? Even when I am deemed respectable, I never get labeled “popular.” At least now I have a small audience. And always will bc right or wrong, once they call you a hooker, there’s nothing “ex” about it.

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