Totally fake: Chris Rock snd Will Smith publicity stunt

In Hawaii, adults fight. I mean fist fight. It’s not uncommon for families to get involved in physical altercations with another family. Violence between intimate partners is taken as a fact of life. I have seen one adult punch another. My lessons from my observations tell me that Chris Rock and Will Smith contrived the whole episode. When someone punches another person the other person doesn’t nicely stand still snd face the correct direction so that the camera can get his expression. It’s messy it’s unexpected people are making faces that they wouldn’t ordinarily make people react in ways they don’t expect to it isn’t so cleanly choreographed where everything takes place within the perfect amount of time considering the commercial breaks. And they made sure that one black person is hitting another black person so there is no issue of racism. I think Will Smith and or Chris Rock is going to be in some sort of movie or whatever and they want to put their names out there even more than they already are and that’s what this is all about because there’s no way such a clean, neat slap or punch would’ve been delivered with Chris Rock standing there so nicely, no deflecting or wrestling, and the camera catching it all perfectly without any blurring or other issue that would make it unattractive or unclear for the audience. The entire unexpected violent incident over and done without hurting the schedule of the evening? I don’t buy it. Well this year they won’t have to say the Oscars are boring.

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