Financial “News” is Actually Manipulation

INTRO: A child born to two lifelong patients in a psychiatric hospital ends up going to Harvard. Internal weaknesses and external difficulties lands that adult child on the streets, just like her birth parents. What’s the point of view of an educated person who is also on several lists of the most scorned people in society? This post within this blog is the thinking of a person who lives a life that accepts the taboo, while she herself is rejected Wisdom or delusion? You be the judge.

Linked article below along with comments on article.

Fake news abounds. It’s everywhere. People attempting to get other people to do stuff based on “facts.” How do I know. I invest in stock. Microscopic increments compared to real investors. Nevertheless, I invest. When I check my portfolio I discover on of my picks rose 20% that day. Wow! I look at the financial news to see which stocks rose the most that day. I was excited to see my choice on a list of winners! But…

It wasn’t there.

Their top stocks of the day rose like, 15%, max, but no mention of my stock. Incomplete, inaccurate list of “top gainers” and not just that day.


What else are they lying about, concealing, exaggerating–everything? Who knows. But if a rank amateur like me can spit deception, they must be counting on the ignorance of the public. And that ignorance is one thing they can expect. Ian telling you now to beware–what looks like news might just be a commercial. Now you know to read the linked article with a wary eye.

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