Want to access the history of posts for which is the site address. The site title has varied as Carolerna found herself kicked off mainstream social media for the use of certain hot button words that created the mistaken belief that this site is a dating/hook up site or porn. This site is commentary in verse and video about Honolulu’s addiction driven streets that have an economic base in supplying taboos to satisfy forbidden desires. I believe the Bible would call these desires lusts of the flesh—secret street sex, hidden drug use, adultery between men on the street and married men. What’s it like to be an outcast? This site talks about not fitting in on every level. The link above will take you to content. Welcome fellow misfits!

Here’s an example, real yet anonymous, of a manipulative, emotionally abusive “trick” or client, who Wants to hurt a woman because she refuses to see him anymore. He was a regular in downtown Honolulu with the place was a virtual open air sacs market.
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