Have you ever stayed in a relationship bc you loved the person’s dog?


Stories about life on the streets of Honolulu as told to and told by a Harvard grad who went from Ivy League elite to Hawaii’s addiction driven streets and is no telling all. You won’t find these stories of the hidden and forbidden in any tourist guide because these tales in the form of words, audio and video are about the permanent residents of Honolulu, not the people who come and go. If you want a humanizing perspective about people who live in a way that makes normies disregard their humanity, without ever considering what we all have in common, I invite you into this blog where you can visit but you do not have to stay.

On the streets of Downtown Honolulu I have seen many unusual relationships. I know of people who were homeless, living in a van with multiple dogs, in one case, several cats, in another situation. Sometimes people live on the street with their dogs and they take care of their dogs over their significant others. It helps homeless pet owners that the weather is warm and that the Hawaiian Humane Society drops of free food for homeless dogs. Too bad you can’t get free food if you have a dog in a home but that’s another story. it is too much of a heartbreak to lose a dog and a person. Sometimes the heartbreak is losing the dog and not necessarily the person. So if you’ve ever stayed in a relationship for the sake of the dog know that you are not alone it’s not that unusual even on the street

Throwback Posts from “Hawaii Street Life” a.k.a. “Red Light Hawaii”

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