We can’t hold celebrities of the past by today’s standards of sexual harassment, see Jerry Lewis link


If you watch episodes of the show Friends you might be surprised to see flagrant sexism. Joey has to find a new female supporting actress bc he has slept with every woman on the set and once he has sex with them he gets rid of them. Phoebe needs a job but he doesn’t want her on the set of his disposal opera bc it would be awkward to have to have sex with her. Of course, he would have sex with her snd get rid of her but he would feel bad about it. That show was so popular I can write the name of the characters and give the example without explaining anything. Yet, none of us ever noticed scenes that would be waaay unacceptable today. How can we expect people from the past to conform to standards that were unimaginable? Political correctness has gotten out of hand when we want to go back and change the past

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