How could you get high at a time like this?

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Don’t be offended that your brother, for example, got high before your mother’s funeral, I told someone. Don’t take it personally. Let me explain why it’s not about you or even him. But a peer greater than everyone. Asking someone how they could use drugs at such a tragic time is like saying: how could you still think about using the bathroom at a time like this? You see? People don’t use drugs to show or withhold respect. They do it bc that’s their life and some aspects of life, the fundamentals, cannot change. Have you ever experienced the death of someone close and you find it amazing that the world just kept turning as if people didn’t realize that EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT. But no, some things will never change. No matter what, people always need to use the bathroom. Addicts will will use drugs. How does anyone get clean?? Maybe they don’t. More on that thought later.

Asking how someone could get high at a time like this is like asking, “How could you go to the bathroom at a time like this?“

CaroleenaRenee, on addiction

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