“Two Boys Kissing,” a kid’s book In Honolulu libraries

Why does this shock me:

I found this book in the children’s section of a Hawaii public library. It makes no rational sense for me to be disturbed. Me—a person who accepts whatever is private and doesn’t hurt other people I say let people live their lives snd don’t bother them. But this coming of age book, which I wouldn’t have noticed if it was about a boy snd a girl, this book bothers me. Especially its presence in the children’s section. Am I just too old yo put aside deep seated gender roles? Does it bother you?

Am I a hypocrite? I want people to disregard my past no matter what they think of it. I want a certain e. But I do no freely give acceptance to others, nanely those who present homosexuality to kids as if it were just as normal as any other choice. It is normal, in the sense that it is not uncommon. Why should gay kids feel different from other people? Do I think kids will be heterosexual if homosexuality us not mainstreamed? And what’s it to me if people are gay, straight, or anywhere in between. All of this reasoning is, well, reasonable. And yet, I look at the book “Two boys kissing” and it’s cover picture if two boys kissing, and in my heart, I don’t like it. What’s wrong with me?.

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