How to search by the labels the blog’s author uses to list subject matter —also known as searching by tags

What are tags? Tags is short for hashtags, and a tag is symbolized thusly: #. I guess I show my age when I call that Symbol a number sign. When you see the #or symbol for tag directly in front of the word, this means that the writing covers that subject. So if you see: #honesty at the end of my blog, you’ll know I believe I have covered The subject of honesty. You might also see something like this, tag: honesty. More than one subject? Want to use Synonyms so people are more likely to find your writing in a search. You can just talk on the words like so–tags: honesty, truth, lies. Or #truth, #honesty, #lies. The following post is a Collection of writings under the subject or tag: If you cut and paste the words from the tag to the final “m” in a text message, then send the text message to your own number, this little trick will reward you with the site icon and a comprehensive list of relevant writings on this site.

That tag is simply the site address. Like everyone else who posts online, I am experimenting with different tags to see how to best organize my contact so that I can find my work and others can find my work and search engines can list my work.. I expect my advice and teachings to evolve as I learn and grow but simply because I am a simple person.

I will give you a surprising tip. It is better to search using this method and cutting and pasting some thing putting it in a text message and sending it to yourself and then it is to cut and paste the same thing and put it in your browser and press return. You will see the results below. I am not a techie so I know how to explain navigating sites so that a non-technical person can understand. If you are not a techie welcome home!

See the box below? Cut and paste it into your text app and send it to yourself. You can also click on the colored words to read that editorial.

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