The opposite of addiction is NOT recovery

I was talking with the professional in the addiction field who said everybody is saying this slogan like it is the in thing: “the opposite of addiction is not recovery, the opposite of addiction is connection.”

I had never heard this and I am guessing you might not have heard this expression either it makes sense to me. In addiction, the obsession takes over and an addicted person does not relate to people but to the idol. Everything is all about drugs, food, whatever Even if the addiction involved other people, like an addiction to sex, the addict is consumed with concern about their experience and getting what their damaged brain tells them they must have. Other people do not enter into the picture.

To hral yourself you have to get out of yourself. Of course, if you know recovery talk, you know that this line of thinking I’d not new. What is new is the presentation of what’s most important. People learn catch phrases not long theories. That catchphrase has to guide a clueless person out of misery. We have all heard about hitting bottom. It’s not about hitting bottom–getting better, that is. We need to join up with others. There’s the starting point.


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