Of course you shouldn’t simply believe I went to Harvard! That’d be dumb

I am amazed when people tell me they don’t believe I went to Harvard. I write this blog to give the perspective of one of the educated people on the addicted streets of downtown Honolulu. I know people, inexplicably, want to hurt me, a stranger, by saying I seem too dumb to have an education. What’s dumb, to me, is that anyone thinks they are making a big revelation by saying “something on the internet seems false!” You should never believe anything from an unverifiable source. At most you could say, “that representation of reality could be true. There’s no way I could know for sure.” That’s the intelligent way to judge what you see and hear from a source other than yourself. An old adage goes further and advises us to “believe half of what you see.” As much as you trolls out there want to do evil, somehow you reveal you are the embodiment of your accusation. In this case, dumb, or, more gently, not exactly quick studies. After all, we once had a president tell us the news was fake, and the traditional media claims legitimacy! How do I feel about being called a liar? My purpose is not to have people believe my autobiography but to challenge people to relate, even negatively, to someone they might not have regarded as human. After all, who looks at people on the street and says, “I bet they are not ivy league college grads.” No one. But people should, for accuracy. You’d be amazed to find out that there’s a whole lot more education and skill on the side of the road under makeshift tents (not all homeless live like this btw). Some were disadvantaged, but few are stupid, though our issues are legion. I merely want to show you who we could be, and if you’re arguing that I am not a Harvard grad, I have succeeded!

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