Link for tourists: Honolulu – The Urban Hawaii Experience – Racquet Social, but I write for Kama’aina (Local Residents)

Most internet info about Hawaii is geared for tourists who want this view

See travel link below. Most tourists would rather look at her than a homeless shanty town.

Street urchins have great stories for non travel blogs like Hawaii Street Life

I don’t want to hear about poor people. Whenever people want to go see how people ‘really live’ they’re talking about touring the ghettos

A paraphrased line from 1980’s sitcom Designing Women, before sanitized political correctness made it taboo to write dialogue that reflects what people really say

Yes, I write about poor people, but not exclusively. Hawaii is full of us poor people because you need half a million dollars to own a 300 square foot studio apartment. Rich outsiders own the property. Salaries are not proportionate to the high cost of living. People make Mississippi wages to live in a place where rent is about what you’d expect on the Upper West Side. And if you’ve made unfortunate financial decisions, this is an unforgiving place. Tourists don’t know and don’t care. They’re here to get away from it all. I examine what “it all” is like for a certain group of people who stay in the tropics but do not partake of paradise.

How does my manic mind choose blog topics that are labelled “tags”?

Today I was roundly criticized for rapid fire, breathless discussion of subjects only slightly related to each other That’s a textbook symptom of mania and I was surprised a “health care professional” would choose an out of the blue insult to make me aware of my behavior. However, his rudeness had the desired effect of getting me to examine my words and it came to me that others might find my blog posts nonsensically random. Allow me to provide what I call a thought map, if you care for another glance into a mind people might be willing to visit but are always glad they don’t have to stay (In other words, people are happy not to live inside my head. Lol.)

Starting point: low status prostitution in downtown Honolulu, circa 2000

Care to know about homelessness in Hawaii and the endless subject matter ripples that start with life for pariahs for denizens of Hawaii’s addiction driven streets? We are led directly to an examination of the sliver of Honolulu’s underground economy in illegal goods (drugs, stolen stuff, food stamps traded for half the cash value) and services (illicit sex with women and female-types and/or gambling.) Naturally we end up looking at prison with the inevitable incarceration that will result when everything one does is illegal and the way one scores the resource to do that thing is illegal. Incarceration study points us to social inequality, racism, sexism, elitism and every other “ism” for a sociology view. Biographies of people locked away are of great interest both in and out of prison. What about the family associated with the addicts? Can we talk recovery also?

Blog Ideas go on forever

To me, a study of addiction will take the student to every group of people and varied lifestyles because everyone has that mental glitch causing the brain to need more, forever more of (insert x–an object of addiction like drugs, sex, food…). Everyone has the capacity to destroy themselves against their will in pursuit of (x). Everyone can get over it though few do better than switching addictions. This blog could be about anything, almost, and I could see the relationship between the topic and Hawaii Street Life. If you don’t agree maybe you don’t share my off putting mania! But I think you can understand my point even if you disagree.

I love my readers, fans or not

I thank you for your time. Pro public speakers say never thank people for listening to you bc to do so makes you look like a supplicant. I say, it’s simply true that I am fortunate for your attention and time You won’t get those minutes back yet you spent it with my words and I am honored.

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