Many people hear voices, I was surprised to discover

I don’t hear voices. Evidently, people who say the things I have said to mental health professionals often hear voices. When I was in prison women wanted to score tranquilizing psych meds to take or sneak back and trade for snack items from the “store order” or “store.” Women advised newbies to lie to the psych who only came twice a month. Tell her you’re seeing voices if you have to. I became concerned when I told the truth and the psych unilaterally insisted I be sedated. Once I began to explain my theory of the cosmic conspiracy against me since before I was born, they thought I was mentally ill. And a liar. For they were certain I was withholding info about the voices I must have heard. Well, I have never heard voices but I have always appeared unhinged and it’s lucky I cannot present myself as a stable person. People feel free to tell me things since how could I judge them. I asked women if they heard voices and if they had ever smoked crystal meth, or “ice,” they heard voices even years after quitting. I have been told they hear their own name in varying tones and at different volumes,. However, the rapidity never changed. Imagine a whisper or a shout, male or female, all day long: LenaLenaLenaLenaLenaLena…they get used to it. On a few occasions those with guilt in their hearts heard accusations that sounded like the neighbors were whispering: she took it, she’s a thief. Someone once told me people don’t hear voices they simply don’t recognize their thoughts as their own. Maybe. I can only speculate but anything’s possible.
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