What tricked me into truly believing I was active?

I have lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. I was not purposely dieting. Why would I diet when I led such an active life? I could not fathom why my health numbers were inexorably trending up. You know your health numbers–weight, body mass index (something like percentage of your weight that’s fat), blood pressure, cholesterol. Even my heart beats per minute was an increasing rate. I was stumped. No one was more surprised than me when I found someone who’d pay me to do something simple. A job! I started working and the second great shock hit me. I was so sore simply from walking around that after five hours I had a slight but noticeable limp. My feet hurt so much I had to concentrate on listening to my supervisor over the roaring pain in my arches. Had I not actually been moving when I was unemployed? Was I simply out of shape rather than the victim of inhumane work expectations in a job that had no union. Did I need to exercise instead of file a lawsuit? But wasn’t I a fitness enthusiast? Every hour of the day I had been into a new activity. The answer came to me in a Eureka! I only thought I was moving around because the TV programs changed, producing the illusion (delusion) of a vibrant lifestyle. My physical body never left the couch. Oh. That’s how I lost 20 pounds without keeping my mind on my weight. I was expected to get off the couch, stand, and walk. And all of that had slipped away from me without my knowledge. I was letting myself go like those diabetic, insulin resistant people I swore I would never emulate. I had become what I detested: overweight, out of shape, dumpy. I had failed in plain sight yet behind my back. Trippy. Kind of reminds me of when I looked down on homeless people. I would never… What’s wrong with them…Glad I am different…Ha! Lots of lessons in this true story of becoming what you always hated without realizing it You choose what inspired you.

I thought I was active because the TV programs changed every hour My body never left the couch The sense of doing something different contributed to my denial.

Caroleena, discovering the source of her inexplicable, seemingly inexorable, weight gain.
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