Weirdest Request from a trick and you’ll NEVER guess

I promise I can shock you. I wish we could bet money bc I know you don’t believe that there’s something you haven’t heard but there is.

The weirdest thing a client ever asked of an escort always shocks people. No one believes in the power to surprise the world weary reader. Yet even the most jaded or the most creative never predict the revelation. There was a client who appreciated the gifts possessed by the Expert Escort. He broke away from his vocation, locked himself in the side office with her and asked her to sit at the computer. He watched, breathless,as she applied herself to the task he set before her on the computer screen. At this client’s behest she worked on IQ tests. A sample question was “a is to 1, as c is to 3, as e is to…?” When the Expert answered correctly with “5” he finally took a breath and wonderingly whispered, “you’re so …so…smart”. At the completion of each exam he reviewed the results with a he Expert to see, he said, if her lifestyle had a deleterious effect on her cognition. He never found her declining. The expert suspected the 142 IQ score he gave her was padded because she never before scored over 137.
Just when you think you’ve heard it all you find something like this that shows there’s a lot to human sexuality that’s a mystery.

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