Revealing Sex Commentary By a Fan

What HE says. Slowly, slowly but surely people are joining this site that gives an up close and personal view of people no one wants to admit knowing, doing what no one wants to admit interests them. Men who read these words have had much to say and I want to do a better job of letting you know what others think. Interestingly, men are almost always narrowly focussed on sex and seldom care as much as the author cares about related current events! Here’s a post from our banner year, 2020.

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

A Selected Segment:

I know that there are signs that a man wants an open, public relationship with a woman. But men have thoughts about women that they don’t share with us and we women have no idea that men are thinking certain things about almost every woman almost all of the time. I did not know the hidden truths for which there are no signs. Most men look at most woman and filter the view through a sexual lense. Even if only for one hundredth of a second, men look and think “yes, no, want her, don’t want her, too old, too young, could have her if I want, wish I could have her,” etc., etc. These thoughts occur consciously or so quickly they are unconscious.

Caroleena, writing about her recent, surprising discovery that most men evaluate mqost women sexually most of the time

I always wonder whether…

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