DNA Origins–according to linked ancestry.com my people shared a longitude


I wonder if there’s any truth to these ethnicity results from ancestry.com. When I looked for my birthmother in the long ago days before cell phones I would e been over the moon to get this genetic breakdown. Imagine ingo about my genealogy! Ow that I have lived with the stories of deeply troubled people who couldn’t keep me and other people who said “no thank you” when asked if they wanted to raise me, I have had enough of looking for people who aren’t looking for me. One thing you will see a lot among people with addictions is abandonment. We are all unique while having a great deal in common. These days, I go months without returning for ethnicity updates on ancestry.com. I just cannot help but associate such research with rejection and I have no heart for it. I never would have imagined, when I longed to know my birth name, that one day I would be indifferent tomy heritage. What scanty info I have, that is. But you might find the link instructive for your own needs. Enjoy my readers!.

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