I wrote a travel blog to share my shark secrets

Check out this review of Ala Moana Regional Park on Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/2h9pb5QV7qLJoigp9

Whenever I could get a date to feel like he could help me by exposing me to a lifestyle he assumed I knew nothing about, I would promote my interest in adventurous activities. No free fall like bungee jumping and sky diving. But catch and release shark fishing was something I wanted to try. I had a guy who was burning up a credit card by charging anything and everything. I SO wish I had known enough to ask for gold! I guess that’s why it is said youth is wasted on the young. Despite the foolishness of youth, I was wise in the pursuit of fun through my benefactor The linked Google review is based on that experience.

Ala Moana beach park where unseen sharks graciously share their space while almost always remaining unseen

Google tells me I am in the top 10% of reviewers. Over a hundred thousand peoe have read my untutored opinions and looked at my uninspired blurry pix of the sides of buildings. With that exposure I get way more readers than I get with my blog. If I had the right platform and the right person to suggest I’m brilliant (just a suggestion!) I know this blog could go over the tipping point into profitable viral popularity.

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