Cash bail systems perpetuate crime and why you should care

Btw, forgive typos bc I cannot see without glasses and I need to write this bc I just hear of a major player in Jan. 6 riots was released without posting any money and us running for office. He is not one of “us.” I wish I were in the elite but alas, here’s the story of my people.

Yes the cash bail system perpetuates crime. This is the process. Two people are in down town Honolulu getting high outside. One person still has famy members speaking to him despite his drug use. The standard bail for possession of a tiny amount of a drug and drug paraphernalia is $11,000 which is $1100 to a bail bondsman plus the rest in collateral or whatever deal worked out. For the other person $1;100 cash might as well be a million. That person goes to Oahu!s version of county jail every island has one. Well, Maui, Big Island, Kauai. While in jail people expect to lose everything. People find out about the arrest and k ow the person can’t make bail. If the person has a residence it is robbed and emptied out as if by drug addicted locusts settling on a field of grain. If the person is homeless whoever has their belongings considers them donated. It takes about two and a half months to get supervised release, an arrangement that requires the arrested to check in with jail. Why not immediate? Probably to see that anyone who can hustle up the $1100 does so. When the person is released they are required to get what they might have already had before the arrest, a place to live, a job search. Only now there’s another gap on the resume. And another surprisingly difficult obstacle is getting an ID to replace the stolen one. Yes, everyone is in the computer system but no the office won’t just give a new one. You can’t get a job or a place to live or even welfare. So how are you going to support yourself? Crime, since you were removed even farther away fr a legitimate way of life. The person with family-+they go on as before. So what? Next time don’t use drugs. That’s what they get. Yes, true, except people who need to steal might steal from you. And a little known fact is that “those” people are becoming “we” people. Addiction is recognized as hitting everyone. It always did, but now we know it. We are the addicts pushed out of society and society pays

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