Abortion on demand?

What’s with the phrase, abortion on demand. You would think that women are going around and demanding abortions and the situation is out of control. Certainly that is not the case I think when we listen to news reports we need to be very interested in the words used to describe situations because those words create impressions that the media does not have to claim. And the media can say that they are impartial and they don’t lie but in fact the words that they choose, intentionally or unintentionally always create a certain slant. I don’t think women are going around demanding abortions the way spoil the customers demand rebates for refunds when they’re specifications are not met and we need to be careful about casting women as spoiled brats we just simply want to get rid of things on demand. Because that is not

2 responses to “Abortion on demand?”

    • I never thought about your question before. To be out there while pregnant would make the woman the center of attention no matter what she believed. Lots of stress in that, I’d think it too risky…but that’s my opinion.


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