Cleavage Diaries: Who is a virgin? Rapper T.I. has his 18 year old daughter’s hymen “checked” for his answer to the question

Another way women are perceived as either pure virgins or dirty whores rather than independent sexually healthy beings. We don’t belong to anyone nor should we always be judged (if it’s not our morality it’s our appearance that’s being rated). Check out this throwback from one of the most successful years and months. Go back to the homepage and click on the year and month of this article for awesome content you do NOT want to miss. Caroleena, with love and appreciation

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Her Virginity belongs to him

I was horrified when I read that the rapper T.I. takes his daughter to the gynecologist to have her prodded intimately to check if her hymen is intact. This “test” is not fool-proof in that some women don’t have hymens, sometimes they tear in ways other than sex, and seriously, an 18 year old shares this experience with her father? The author did a great job of talking about how inappropriate this test is in the first place, and how sick it seems for him to be so…involved. So I want to bring up some thoughts that are a little more out there. I am good at out there:

1. Maybe T.I. wants to make a big public display of his daughter being a virgin bc he is trying to provide a sort of alibi for himself. I do not know this, I am just…

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