The location of the menu on Hawaii Street Life

How to find the content YOU want rather than what the blogger thinks you want!

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What’s obvious to some is hidden to others–like me

I have never understood things that appear to be intuitive to everyone else. The frequent appearance of confusion gives me the empathy I need to be a good teacher. I understand what people do not understand. For those who are naturally smart, they often cannot explain how they know something, because they just “get it.” Not me. I have to be walked through the process of, say, site navigation, to figure it out. Let’s use the location of the site menu for a good example. It took me a long time to understand where the menu is, and how to use it. Read on to benefit from my experience.

Look at this beautiful menu that gives you access to hundreds of topic specific posts, ad-free on one of the most popular blogs of the year 2021, Hawaii Street Life, …

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