Girl wants guy, guy wants a different guy and sometimes that girl–I have advice

The changing social status of homosexuality

When I was growing up I did not know any peers who were openly gay. That’s openly. Yes, now people I went to school with are out. It is more accepted. Obviously its not totally accepted since the default is always straight and people have to break the news to people by coming “out.” The most accepted homosexuality is what people who are nit in your life are doing. Yes, over there, those people I do not know should have full rights. Things are a little different when homosexuality touches your life, and you find out. Little did you know, same sex encounters have been happening with a whole lot of people all along. Something you thought of as a distant political issue is a part of your life. That is not always easy to accept. If you’re a girl and you find out your guy has or, more shockingly, is, engaged in same sex encounters, you are likely to be a very upset woman.

You are not a bigot, its just that…

Let us be honest, the default position about homosexuality is not acceptance. Do we expect most people to be accepting of homosexuality until we find out otherwise. Hmm…let me think…I suppose I expect most people to either not like homosexuality or wish their gay loved one was different but, since it is what it is…you have no choice but acceptance. Grudging acceptance is what

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