Honolulu drug users render aid

It not necessarily true that people who use drugs together don’t care about each other. It is often assumed that people look upon the overdose of an associate as a chance to rob them and then either dump their their bodies or flee the scene. Yes that happens. But it might surprise you to know that there’s a big demand for Narcan, which is the drug that’s given to people who do opiates and al.ost immediately appear to stop breathing. There’s a form that can be injected and a nasal spray, both of which reverse the drug’s effects and plunge the person into immediate withdrawal. I hear many stories of people using it to help others or running to fetch help. People are willing to call the ambulance bc police don’t arrest anyone. Ok, it’s not lile the people who let others die tell the story, but so.etimes they do, or other witnesses talk. I’ve heard of two instances of people not helping and suggesting that someone should do something, a not uncommon response in an emergency. I’ve heard many more stories of rescue. Make of that what you will.

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