Adults Die unbeknownst to peers in Honolulu’s underworld

When you’re a kid and someone you know dies, like the person is in school with you and they’re in a car accident or they were sick for a long time, you find out cuz everybody finds out. The whole place knows and there’s no doubt about what happened. But when you’re a grown up you don’t necessarily know that the person died, especially if the person is on the street. And it’s not true that if someone’s on the street they don’t have anybody who cares about them. It could just be that they’re out of touch, or maybe the person isn’t on the street but they don’t have an exactly normal way of communicating or living, like they belong to a traditional family. In all likelihood things went awry years ago and they are not in touch with their kids, or they have an ex but not a current spouse. If there’s no central person in their lives, they might have o ly a few people they deal with and these people are the inner circle even if they dont know it. If a person is off track and not in prison it is likely theyve kept the same cell number and room they rent by limiting the number of people they will allow into their lives. For example, maybe they communicate only with the five or so people who they sell drugs to and that’s who’s in the inner circle, unbeknownst to everyone involved. If the person is found dead would the officials be able and willing to get past their phone’s code and call everyone. I was helping someone keep his rented room when the landlord wanted him out. I didnt hear from him. When I went over he no longer lived there. So who do Italk to about the person being gone? All you know is that the person has not talked to you for a while. And then it’s a little while and then it’s a little while longer and finally it’s a long while. Then you see someone who seems to be a kind of a reliable source and they say that the person died of covid and you don’t want to believe it’s true because maybe that person isn’t the most reliable source, after all. I mean did they really really know? But if you are fortunate enough to know the real name of the person first and last, which is most likely if you’ve done time with them or done treatment with them, then you can call the medical examiner’s office and if the person did die then they will tell you. The strange thing about the Honolulu medical examiner’s office is that they get very cagey when the person actually hasn’t died. They don’t simy tell you the good news instead they question you about why you’re calling or is it the person really did die they tell you without any fuss. I just found out a friend of mine died of covid and I didn’t want to believe it but now I cannot deny it and it’s really very sad. I am particularly distressed knowing they tried to reach me through Facebook and I’m always getting kicked off my Facebook accounts for reasons I don’t understand, and by the time I found out they tried to reach me the person was already gone. I feel terrible about this and I wish he had tried to call me on my phone because that’s the best way to reach me. Is very sad to be in the strange community of people who used to use drugs, people who still use, people who are quitting or trying to quit, and people from jail/prison, but if I weren’t part of this community what community would I be a part of? Sorry for my ungrammatical sentence. How would I find out about anyone I care about if I did not touch base with the only group to which I belong?

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