Puppy donning wig demos forced identity

People have ideas about what others should look like. Girls dress like this, boys like that. We are all familiar with social norms, not all of which are normal for all. There are those who look and feel as uncomfortable as a dog in a wig. Left to his own devices the dog would never voluntarily assume the look, and if someone did not make him keep it on, he’d free himself from the constraint. Have you ever felt forced to wear a look that just wasn’t you?

“Normal” is in the eye of the beholder. “Acceptable” is a social construct not an obvious and immutable truth. Someone can decide a dog should don a wig, and that it was perfectly OK to laugh at the dog, in good fun. But the dog isn’t having any fun while he is forced to wear someone else’s trappings. Have you ever felt and/or looked as uncomfortable as a dog wearing a wig? Ever disagree with what you were told was a normal look for you. Did you shake it off as soon as you got the chance? The dog sure did. The fact that the people who dressed the dog love him and meant for him to have only the best did not change how he felt.

Downtown Honolulu wasn’t, and isn’t, only a place for illegal activity. It is also a place where transgendered people, usually male to female, have a place. It is a stereotype that transgendered existence is exclusively tied to prostitution. In Hawaii anyone could be transgender and they are not ostracized or looked at strangely. They are referred to as “she” with no fuss. They are not limited yo the adult service worker subculture but in downtown, they are numerically in the majority of those working that area. Why the numbers are that way, I don’t know. On any given day or night there might be 5-10 individuals on the street, only one or two are biologically female. Where have the addicted women gone? I will try to find out. Note: prostitution is not exclusively limited to those with addictions but is found in some form at many levels in American society.

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