Women denied abortion struggled more financially after, study shows


The American media has told the country that at this time, May 2022, the Supreme Court is about to overturn Roe v Wade, leaving individual states to determine the legality of abortion for themselves. States will be able to outlaw abortion, or minimize access to the procedure.

I have complicated feelings about abortion. There is SO MUCH to say about the issue that I will limit my posts to one opinion per post.

How is abortion relevant to Hawaii Street Life? Many of the people living on the fringes of society started life as an unwanted child. I, for one, am the result of a bit he’d abortion. My mentally ill birth mother told me that she “tried that coat hanger thing” she had always heard about. I asked her about her motives when we met around my 19th birthday after a 17 year separation. Her answer was not enlightening, at the time. “I didn’t feel like being pregnant anymore.” Over the years I have come to view her reasoning, such as it was, as a reflection of her instability. She was institutionalized after a lifetime spent behind locked doors under the watchful eyes of staff. Any decisions she made drew responses from the state workers, who handledany problems. She was never left alone with consequences because she was in “the system,” meaning she qualified for social security disability all of her life and she had access to whatever mental health services she could get.

I think of my birth mother when I think of abortion and Clinics in terms of this article because she was one of the people who would have used a clinic like the one featured in the article. And the people who use these clinics for abortions are overall more likely to be poor than people who have their own private doctors and get abortions under the radar. So this study is not random this is basically a study of poor people. So it is not necessarily enlightening to look at a group of people who are not randomly chosen but who are actually of one type. That way you have a certain amount of knowledge when you read a news story which is accurate, but while it is accurate it is not telling the whole truth. You don’t know that you are reading a study about poor people. And it makes it sound like whatever they do makes their situation worse and therefore comes down against abortion denial. This study is slanted. Once again we see the power if fake news to be both true and untrue and persuasive

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