Sexual titles, newbie mistake

Write “hooker” and no one sees “ex,” lol!

When I started writing the this blog I wanted titles that grabbed the attention. I thought I would use words that were suggestive. I discovered that suggestive is in the eye of the beholder. What is suggestive to me is way too blunt for other people. And they felt I was being explicit. Words like X hooker or hooker or sex worker will get you kicked off Main Street social media sites. I did not know that. I thought people would read my content and see that it was for mature audiences but certainly nothing inappropriate, and in fact was intellectually stimulating. But they look at the words that are not swear words or dirty words and they immediately kicked me off. So you are looking at some work from the early days of my site when I was trying to find my way and before I settled on Honolulu or Hawaii street life because really that’s what I want to talk about. People don’t seem to find is it it is interesting but it’s just a matter of finding the right platform because when I go on Tik Tok I get thousands of views. And I am the top 10% of Google reviewers with almost 100,000 readers to the posts that I write so go figure. If I could get 100,000 people to read my blog post I would be delighted and imagine if I could get those people to give me just $1, or no just 10 cents. That would be a fundraising effort that would be worth my while $0.10 that’s all I ask… sigh people just won’t do it especially not without explicit words LOL!

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