HonoluluStreetLife code for Tiktok


Autistic? Me? Is this why the loneliness of the streets felt so right–bc I haven’t a clue how to interact with others? We are all misfits out there. Not that we form a warm community. No one knows how to reach out. But street people are together in the few spots reserved for them. Somehow it’s less lonely to be around others who may not be inviting but do not make you leave. The addicted, the mentally ill, those that overlap categories. Everyone is self involved, looking for what they don’t know how to give–a welcome. People are out for themselves but the fact that they don’t make you leave makes it OK that they’re just using you for what you can do for them. So called normal people take from you then kick you to the curb. Company in whatever form is so much better than being alone every second.
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