At a time in my life when spiritual opposition is powerfully challenging me, I Give You An Inspiring Link from my Esteemed Fellow Blogger: Get up and Go..

My Public thanks to Meena

Meena is the author of the inspirational link I’m sharing with you bc it bears repeating. I’m relatively new to blogging and I’m still struggling to get an audience. I am most grateful to everyone who spares time out of their lives for me. Meena did precisely that, as a faithful reader she also almost always pressed “like.” Moreover she leaves comments that show she thoughtfully read my work. She embodies the ideal of encouraging others. That’s why I’m comfortable with the genuine endorsement of her motivational blog. Just so you know.

Meena posted a reminder that I have survived what’s taken other people out. I like to say my life would annihilate other people and I pump myself up when Im the only voice I hear. I’m glad that Meena can second my assessment!

Others have had it worse

Yesterday I utilized YouTube to post a 30 second unedited video to protect myself. The video clearly shows I’m being assaulted by my neighbor. But you will have to judge for yourself.

The police did nothing bc he is “old and frail.” Management did nothing in keeping with their practice of looking the other way, perhaps encouraging abuse and just maybe tasking people with the job of trying to run me out. Why?

Apartments are scarce in Honolulu where salaries are NOT commensurate with the high cost of living. The economy is limited to tourism, tourism related construction and services, and the military. It’s difficult to survive here, a place where half a million dollars can purchase a small studio apartment and nothing else. My unsubsidized apartment, which is on the outskirts of Waikiki is $1400/no. I pay $83. No one voluntarily moves out if here, they are kicked out or can’t take care of themselves, or die. This choice spot, funded by U. S. tax dollars, is occupied almost entirely with foreign born Asians. I am not a fan of Trump but he isn’t 100% wrong. American homeless veterans should come before foreigners, many of whom hide their assets and use connections to get a place here. There is absolutely no stigma in living in public housing in Honolulu, although some are not as nice as this

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