It’s currently illegal to sleep in your car on a Hawaii public street. Maui might break trend.

There’s some work on changing the anti homeless law in Hawaii. Hawaii’s attitude toward the homeless has seemed, IMHO, “you may not be able to go home, but you’ve got to get out of here.” All the way Not In My Backyard, or NIMBY. Its taken a long time for people to realize that short of killing everyone without a home, the homeless will end up in someone’s backyard, so to speak. What’s more, in this state where the average, nothing special single family home costs about $1 million and wages are super low (low $20,000 for new teachers and not too much more for experienced ones), the chance of becoming homeless is a reality. You probably know homeless people who you’d never guess have nowhere permanent to live. So many of us are just one relative-with-a-big-enough-place away from being out there. Imagine, all you have left is your car and you can’t sleep in it. The absurdity and malice are astounding. I hope the neighbor island if Maui passes the bill to show the rest of the state how compassion and practicality can work together.

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